Top 5 Things About Spring in North Texas

Spring is finally here, with the chilly air and gray clouds of winter making way for clear blue skies, gorgeous blossoms, and balmy temperatures. Here in Texas, Spring brings with it a lot of fun-filled activities, many of which you can enjoy right in the comfort of your own backyard. These are the top five things Riverbend Sandler, your Dallas pool builder, loves the most about Spring in North Texas:


1. Spring Parties and Backyard BBQs

The temperature is finally warm enough to officially move the party from inside to the great outdoors. With the right outdoor kitchen and a covered patio, you and your guests won’t be able to resist moving off the couch and into the backyard.

Don’t have an outdoor kitchen or are considering making some upgrades? These are a few of our outdoor living planning tips:

  • A grill, fridge, sink and counter space are most important. Don’t underestimate how much storage and setting space you will need once you have guests over for that backyard BBQ.
  • Choose quality appliances. The appliances you choose should be durable and able to face any type of weather.
  • Pay attention to the location. How far it is from the home, which way the wind and rain blows, and how easy it will be to shelter the area are all important aspects to consider when building an outdoor kitchen.


2. Longer Days

We can officially say “goodbye” to those unbearably short wintry days. We have days filled with hours of glorious sunshine to look forward to now that Spring is here.

Longer days not only means more time to splash, play and lounge in the pool with friends and family, it also means being able to take more time relaxing and easing away the tensions of the day in the soothing waters of your spectacular hot tub.


3. Gorgeous Weather

North Texas boasts some of the best spring weather in this country. With the majority of our days being soaked in sun and temperatures regularly reaching or exceeding 70 degrees, Spring offers the perfect balance between our chilly winters and sweltering summers for Plano outdoor living.


4. Flowers in Bloom

The blooms and blossoms erupt in full force around this time of year. Now is when you will want to get down to business creating a beautiful landscape around your pool and spa with your Dallas pool builder.

  • When planning your landscape, place plants that are low growing or known to shed at least 6 to 8 feet away from the pool.
  • Consider how much sun and water the plants near your pool will be receiving before putting them in the ground.
  • Heat-loving plants like aloe, agave, and yucca are great poolside starter plants that are easy to grow in full sun.


5. Sunny Days by the Swimming Pool

The best part of spring is sunny days spent by a beautifully designed and masterfully built swimming pool. Whether swimming laps in the warm sunshine, enjoying a game of volleyball in the pool with the kids or relaxing in your poolside lounger with a cool drink in hand, nothing will have you loving and appreciating life more than spending spring next to a pool crafted by Riverbend Sandler.

Give us a call today to learn more about how Riverbend Sandler can create the perfect poolscape just for you so you can get started enjoying those beautiful spring days and nights in the comforts of your own backyard.



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