Our Mission

Riverbend Sandler Pools operates with one mission in mind — “Creating Lifetime Pools for Lifetime Customers.” Through award-winning design, high-tech construction processes, conscientious customer care, and ongoing support, we take pride in keeping our customers for life. And that kind of excellence hasn’t gone unnoticed by our industry peers.

We have earned awards in AQUA Magazine’s Aqua 100 Hall of Fame and Pool and Spa News Top 50 accolades, attesting to what more than 25,000 satisfied customers already know. Riverbend Sandler Pools is the industry leader among pool builders in Plano, Dallas, Frisco, Prosper, and McKinney.

Riverbend Pools was founded in 1981 by Charles Barnes. What began as a family-owned business dedicated to delivering top-quality projects and excellent customer service has grown into the largest swimming pool construction company in the Southwestern United States.


1975 – Sandler Pools opens for business

1982 – Charles Barnes starts Riverbend Pools

1990s – Riverbend Pools becomes one of the largest independent pool builders

1993 – Travis Bain buys Sandler Pools and restructures the organization

1999 – Riverbend Pools and Sandler Pools merge, taking the new company to the next level

Since 2000 – Consistently named to list of Top 50 U.S. pool builders

Our company is larger today than when we first opened our doors – but our original commitment to building quality pools remains just as strong today as it was when we first began. Our guiding philosophy has always been: “Don’t cut corners. Take a little more time to build it right and never compromise quality craftsmanship.”

Values & Culture

We will retain our customers for life, keep our employees committed to excellence and grow brand presence in our markets. We will lead our industry in “Creating Lifetime Pools for Lifetime Customers” through award-winning designs, high-tech quality processes, intense customer care, and stable on-going support for all of our client’s pool environment needs.

Quality Craftsmanship

Riverbend Sandler Pools has introduced a unique process to the pool industry to deliver the highest quality product and excellent customer service.

Riverbend Sandler Pools has one of the most experienced production staff in the industry. Our team of experienced Project Managers and personnel have built thousands of pools. Our Schedulers coordinate construction phases while our Project Managers ensure quality control and timeliness of every phase of construction. We keep our customers informed throughout the construction process.

Riverbend Sandler utilizes more in-house craftsmen than any other pool builder in the DFW metroplex. The reason is simple, quality control. Riverbend Sandler’s highly-skilled excavators, plumbers, guniters, debris removal specialists, and interior finish crews carefully control each stage of the construction process.

In areas where Riverbend Sandler does not have in-house craftsmen, our contractors work under a trade partnership agreement for our company to ensure we are “Creating Lifetime Pools for Lifetime Customers” with everyone involved in the construction process.  We have partnered with many of our contractors for over twenty years.

Our Services

Riverbend Sandler Pools provides a wide range of pool design, building & maintenance services in and around Dallas, Frisco, Prosper, McKinney & surrounding areas. Feel free to get in touch with us to discover more.