Dazzle your senses and delight your guests with an infinity edge pool designed and built by Riverbend Sandler Pools.

Also known as a “zero edge” or “vanishing edge” pool, an infinity edge pool creates the stunning effect of your pool water flowing continuously into the distance. The smooth mirror-like reflection produced illuminates outdoor living areas and enhances already breathtaking views and vistas.

Infinity Edge Pool Design Features & Additions

  • Creates the illusion of water flowing endlessly toward the horizon
  • The disappearing edge allows the pool to blend into the surrounding landscape
  • Can be built on both flat and sloped terrain

You don’t need to live near the ocean or be set on a cliff-side perch to appreciate the beauty of an infinity edge pool. Contact Riverbend Sandler Pools today to explore how this luxurious type of pool will transform your outdoor living space.