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Stunning Geometric Pool with Cantilever Cover

Project details:

Pool Type: Geometric Pools

This a modern geometric pool with structures and landscaping included in the design. The pool has clean, straight lines, symmetrical angles, and sharp corners, which gives it a contemporary appearance. We incorporated several different elevations ranging from a 12″ raised spa to a 3′ privacy wall. The pool design complements the architectural style of the home. The homeowner had modern and contemporary home. We wanted the pool’s materials, shapes, and features to align with the overall aesthetic of the house. The size and scale of the project is in harmony with the home and the surrounding outdoor space. It does not overwhelm the house or appear too small and insignificant. We wanted to take advantage of the pool’s placement to maximize desirable views from both the pool area and the home. This pool project showcases innovative and creative design elements that push the boundaries of traditional pool designs. It incorporates unique materials demonstrate originality and a fresh approach. The design provides seamless usability, convenience, and an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

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