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6 Must-Have Dallas Fire and Water Features

From luxury resorts to private high-end pools, there are some paradise settings that require a bit beyond the standard design features. A great way to give the pool that you are designing a big “wow factor” is to incorporate fire and water features into your setting. You might have seen this accomplished before at your favorite spa and vacation spots, but now you too can have fire and water elements to make your pool pop. Guests who visit the pool side will be amazed with the creative ingenuity and thought behind your amazing set-up. Here are six must-have Dallas fire and water features to incorporate in the pool that you are creating.

1. Fire Bowls

No, you are not in the Bahamas, that is your pool that you are standing beside — though you will certainly feel otherwise thanks to your fire and water features. Fire bowls are one popular element that clients are loving for their pools. This design gives just enough without being overpowering. There are a multitude of styles to choose between to fit any theme, from modern to traditional.

2. Fire and Water Bowls

This has all the elegance of a fire bowl, but with an important added element: water. Peaceful water runs smoothly from these specially crafted bowls to create a cascade of marvel that will have your guests amazed.

3. Water Pools

These bowls of water have the power to bring spa-like tranquility to your pool setting. They are simple, yet radiant and will bring a smile to all those who see them.

4. Fire Pits

Few Dallas fire and water features are better on a cool night than a warm fire pit. Your guests will love gathering around the glimmering flame and soft glowing coals to talk about life, share stories or simply spend a romantic evening under the stars. All people, young and old will enjoy this must-have feature to any pool setting.

5. Torches

Elegant torches around your pool and outdoor areas provide a transcendent glow and just enough light to teeter on the edge of novelty. They are great for entertaining guests or simply spending an evening alone by the private pool that you enjoy. Torches make a great addition to any personal or resort pool.

6. Fire Inserts

You wanted a true wow factor? Here it is: Fire inserts bring the amazement of your pool setting to an entirely new level. This will customize your design in a way that no other element can replicate. If you want to make your pool unique, this must-have element is certainly the way to do it.
Creating a custom pool that amazes guests is as simple as adding a few extra touches to make it unique. If you would like more information, visit our Dallas fire and water features page or contact a representative with Riverbend Pools today.


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