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Riverbend Sandler Love Your Backyard in the Fall

The temperature outside may begin to drop as fall approaches, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop using your swimming pool. Especially here in North Texas, your backyard pool can be used year-round for endless fun and family memories.   Warm Things Up More and more people are opting for a swimming pool… Read More

Riverbend Sandler Backyard Design Trends for the Dallas Metroplex

A growing number of Americans, especially us in North Texas, are spending more time in the comfort of our own backyards, and as it turns out, we’re getting pretty creative with our landscaping ideas. Read on to learn more about five backyard design trends we at Riverbend Sandler expect to see all over Dallas and… Read More

Riverbend Sandler A Beautiful Backyard Wonderland

Dallas Backyard Wonderland The cooler temperatures and sometimes frigid conditions of the Dallas winter may be enough to chase some people indoors. However, with proper preparation and planning, your backyard can become a winter wonderland that’s your favorite place to enjoy the Christmas season. With a few tips from the Dallas pool builders at Riverbend… Read More

Riverbend Sandler Outdoor Holiday Decorating Inspiration

When you have a Riverbend Sandler backyard, you can’t help but invite friends and family over for a lovely winter soirée. Set up the lights, prepare some hot cocoa, light the outdoor fireplace, and prepare to host the winter party everyone will be talking about. To give you some inspiration, here are some incredible ideas… Read More

Riverbend Sandler Create a Resort Style Pool in Your Dallas Backyard

Think you need to give your backyard a huge overhaul to replicate the beautiful pools in some of the world’s finest resorts? Think again. We can help you create a resort style pool in your own backyard with just a bit of creativity, design skill, and these 4 custom pool design features: Water Features Waterfalls… Read More

Riverbend Sandler How to Host a Summer Kickoff Pool Party in Your Backyard

Tis the season to throw a great party! Now that the weather has warmed up, it’s time to break out the games and invite over friends and family. But, before you send out those invitations, you need to make sure you’re prepared to host a summer kickoff party in your backyard! Take advantage of the… Read More

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Begin the New Year with a New Dallas Backyard

Dallas is known for its inclement weather, with some nights dipping below freezing while daytime temperatures may soar up to 80 degree or more in the dead of winter.  You can make sure that no matter what the weather is outside, you have a cozy and comfortable outdoor living area to enjoy.  All it takes… Read More

Riverbend Sandler Create Your Own Backyard Wonderland

Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Environment The cooler temperatures and frightful winter conditions other areas experience at this time of year may be enough to chase some people indoors.  But with proper preparation and planning, you can create a backyard wonderland and make the most out of your outdoor living space this holiday season. Here are… Read More

Riverbend Sandler Enjoying Your Outdoor Living Area in the Fall

Thinking of ways to get the most of your backyard this fall?  Whether you are considering revamping your existing outdoor living area or are planning to build it from scratch, these tips below will help you create the perfect fall-friendly outdoor living space. Invest in your Furniture Your outdoor furniture is going to take a… Read More


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