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Backyard Design Trends for the Dallas Metroplex

A growing number of Americans, especially us in North Texas, are spending more time in the comfort of our own backyards, and as it turns out, we’re getting pretty creative with our landscaping ideas. Read on to learn more about five backyard design trends we at Riverbend Sandler expect to see all over Dallas and North Texas. 

1. Meditation Gardens

Bring peace and serenity to your outdoor living space by creating a calming and restorative retreat. Backyard designs that incorporate a meditation garden draw inspiration from a variety of cultures, including:

  • Japanese: Elements include cherry blossoms, geometric design, fine sand, and gravel
  • Chinese: Fishponds, overhanging trees, and tiny pagodas are all elements of a Chinese meditation garden
  • English: Think of mysterious walled gardens loaded with sumptuous blooms, vines, and willow trees
  • Australian: Fragrant native Australian plants, gum trees, and lots of shaded areas are all great backyard design ideas for this style of meditation garden
  • Southwest USA: Something most of us are familiar with, a southwest meditation garden includes cacti, water-hardy plants, and shady trees

2. Open Air Living Rooms

This outdoor living space doubles as a cool and comfortable entertainment room just footsteps from the inside of your home. Consider adding a cozy overstuffed lounging couch, a table or two, extra chairs, and a lighting feature to illuminate the space when the sun goes down.

3. Air Purifying Plants

Did you know that many plants can naturally remove toxins from our environment? While many of these will benefit the inside of your home, they will also help purify the air outside. Some great options include:

  • The Lady Palm (Sharpish excels)
  • The Area Palm (Chrysalis luminescent)
  • English Ivy (Medea helix
  • The Rubber Plant (Ficus robust)
  • The Peace Lily (Sympathetically)

Planted in the earth or placed in an ornate pot, these plants will clean your outdoor air while also adding height and dimension to your backyard design.

4. “Disappearing” Outdoor Kitchens

Disappearing outdoor kitchens are a great way to save space and to save money. These small freestanding outdoor kitchens are compact and feature a fold-down cover so that you can be protected from the elements when cooking and hide the kitchen away when it is not in use.

5. Statement Gates and Fencing

Looking to add some impressive curb appeal to your homestead? Consider investing in a statement gate or in stylish fencing. There are options that suit all types of homes and will reflect your unique personality.
Interested in turning your backyard into a luxurious outdoor escape? We’ve been building custom swimming pools and outdoor living areas for over 30 years. Serving North Texas, including the Dallas metroplex, Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Prosper, Plano, and more, we can give you the backyard you’ve been dreaming about.
Speak to a Riverbend Sandler backyard design expert today! Visit our design center or give us a call at (972) 596-7393 to discover how we can create an outdoor living space that will transport you to a whole new state of mind.


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