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Help & Advice: Pool Maintenance

Riverbend Sandler How To Get Rid Of Mustard Algae

Is your pool blighted by yellow algae? Are you unsure of why it’s there or how to eradicate it?  In this article, we’ll explore what this yellow algae is, where it’s coming from, and how you can eliminate it to achieve pristine pool water once again.  So, let’s begin.  What is mustard algae?  Yellow algae,… Read More

Riverbend Sandler How Long Should Mastic Last Around A Pool?

Mastic sealant is a crucial element when it comes to maintaining a pool area that is often overlooked. In this article, the experts at Riverbend Sandler will delve deeper into what mastic sealant is, why it’s important and its expected lifespan to ensure your pool area remains safe and leak-free. What is mastic sealant? Also… Read More

Riverbend Sandler Pool Inspections: What They Are and When You Need One

A swimming pool is a fun and luxe addition to any home, offering a place to relax, socialize, and exercise. However, falling short on the maintenance side of things can cause your pool to deteriorate, and potentially even render it unusable. To ensure your pool remains safe and enjoyable, regular pool inspections are essential so… Read More

Riverbend Sandler Bugs in Your Pool: How to Eliminate Them and Keep Them Out

When it’s time to take a dip, there’s nothing more off-putting than bugs in your pool. Sometimes critters call your pool home because the pool chemistry is not quite right. Other times it might just be due to a lack of cleanliness. One thing’s for sure, it’s not a problem you should have to put… Read More

Riverbend Sandler Signs Your Pool Needs To Be Shocked

On a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing better than cooling off in your own crystal clear pool. With swim season right around the corner, now is the ideal time to begin preparing your pool for endless hours of fun. While regular maintenance work undoubtedly plays a vital role in keeping your pool clean, there are… Read More

Riverbend Sandler Can you swim in a pool with algae?

If a pool has been improperly maintained, algae can grow both in the water and on the surface of the pool itself. Which begs the question, can you swim in a pool with algae? Let’s explore how this happens and why it’s really not a good idea. What causes pool algae growth? A number of… Read More

Riverbend Sandler What You Need to Know About Swimming Pool pH Balance

A swimming pool is an exciting addition to any home that, when looked after properly, can boost your health, enhance your lifestyle, and improve the look of your property.  To maximize these benefits, maintaining the proper pool pH balance is crucial for both the health of the pool and the wellbeing of the swimmers, so… Read More

Riverbend Sandler Riverbend Sandler Pools Earns Top 50 Pool Service Company Recognition

Award-Winning Pool Service, Maintenance, & Repair in Dallas, Frisco, &  Surrounding Areas Riverbend Sandler Pools is proud to announce we have been recognized with 2021 Top 50 Pool Service Company accolades by Pool & Spa News magazine as well as being included in the Top 50 Pool Builder list. We strive for excellence in all… Read More

Riverbend Sandler Taking Care of Your Pool in the Fall

The warm, beautiful, and fun summer days have slowly faded away, leaving you with chillier weather and a lot less pool usage. You shouldn’t overlook your pool just because you aren’t using it as much as it still needs your attention.  When preparing your pool for less usage in the fall and winter months, you… Read More

Riverbend Sandler How to Use Less Chlorine In Your Pool

In the coming months, it may become harder to purchase large amounts of chlorine for your pool. There’s a chlorine shortage across the country, and pool owners are beginning to take note. While this shortage is another side effect of the pandemic, it’s important to note that you still have options. Even though there is… Read More


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