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Bugs in Your Pool: How to Eliminate Them and Keep Them Out

When it’s time to take a dip, there’s nothing more off-putting than bugs in your pool.

Sometimes critters call your pool home because the pool chemistry is not quite right. Other times it might just be due to a lack of cleanliness.

One thing’s for sure, it’s not a problem you should have to put up with. In this article, we’ll explore why bugs might end up in your pool, how to get rid of them, and how to deter pests in the future.

Why do bugs end up in my pool?

There are a few reasons why bugs may be settling into your pool.

Firstly, if the chemical balance of the water is a little off, this could be causing algae growth, drawing insects to it. Algae may not be visible to begin with, so even if you don’t see anything, test your water and rebalance the chemistry accordingly.

Other possible reasons could include overhanging foliage above the pool water or particularly bright lights in your outdoor area. Insects may also be attracted to food left overnight.

What are some common pool bugs?

Many types of bugs can become unwelcome guests in your pool. The most common pool bugs you might see in the US are:

Water boatman

Aquatic insects that are brown in color and have oar-shaped legs, hence their name.


Brownish in color with dark patches and skinny in build, these insects can bite humans.


Dark in color, small, and wingless. They have a springy body, giving them their name. Springtails also love moist environments.


Dark, spindly flying insects that can bite humans and have the potential to transmit diseases in certain parts of the world.

Water striders

These insects move quickly across the water, thanks to their long thin legs which propel them forward.

There are of course others that you might spot. Once you’ve noticed that there’s a problem, it’s time to address it.

How to remove bugs from pools

Prevention is always better than a cure — however, if your pool already has a bug problem, here are some steps to resolve the issue.

  • Skim the pool surface, collecting the bugs along with it.
  • Then vacuum the pool to remove any deposited eggs.
  • Brush and clean the floor and walls of the pool to scrub away any grime or algae that could be drawing bugs to your pool.
  • Test the water to check the pH and chemical balance is correct, adjusting accordingly.
  • Shock the pool to kill remaining algae and bugs.

This should help the issue. Though ideally, you want to deter bugs from your pool to begin with – and here’s how.

How to keep bugs out of pools

Check out these tips to keep pools clear of bugs.

Maintenance is key

Proper pool maintenance keeps your water clean, hygienic, and algae-free. Maintenance also ensures that all the chemicals are balanced correctly to deter algae growth and that all your equipment is working correctly. This clean, healthy pool environment is far less likely to entice bugs than a poorly maintained pool. If you don’t have the time to take care of your pool as it requires, then a professional pool company can handle every detail for you – such as the team here at Riverbend Sandler.

Cover pool

A pool cover is a simple yet effective way to protect your water from bugs. You can also invest in automatic pool covers to make the process even simpler.

Trim foliage

Overhanging branches or encroaching foliage can result in debris and pests dropping into your pool, so make sure surrounding greenery is pruned and well managed.

Clear up after eating 

Leftover food can attract pests to your pool area. So whether you’ve enjoyed a pool party or some alfresco dining, make sure to swiftly clear away any food scraps.

Switch lights off 

Insects are attracted to the light, and while lighting makes for excellent ambience, consider switching lights off around your pool at night time when not in use.

We hope you found our handy guide useful, and that it helps you keep your pool unburdened from bugs!

Here at Riverbend Sandler, we’re an award-winning swimming pool company for Plano, Dallas, Frisco, Prosper, and beyond. From building custom pools, all the way to our weekly pool maintenance, your pool is in good hands with our comprehensive services. Get in touch to discover more.

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