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Help & Advice: Sun Safety

Riverbend Sandler Top 7 Texas Heat Tips for You and Your Pool

As every Texan will know only too well, the summer sun can be pretty intense.  With months of clear skies, scorching sun, and temperatures that frequently hit high figures, it’s essential that you and your loved ones stay safe during the summer season. If you own a backyard pool, it’s likely that the summer is… Read More

Riverbend Sandler 6 Essential Pool Safety Tips

With the weather really starting to heat up over the next couple of months, everyone will soon be seeking an oasis to cool off and relax. That’s why now is the best time of the year to make a list of springtime pool safety tips for children and adults alike. Below is our list of… Read More

Riverbend Sandler How to Keep Kids Safe Around Water

September is Baby Safety Month, and even as we head into the fall and winter months, being safe around the water is crucial to keeping your family safe. Recent stories of tragedy remind us how quickly children can find themselves in danger when around swimming pools. But parents (and all grown-ups) can help keep children… Read More

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Top Water Safety Tips

If you own a pool then you know the responsibilities involved. You need to ensure your pool is safe for you, your family and guests. Form monitoring the pH levels to preventing algae growth, water safety is a necessary chore in keeping your pool a healthy spot that everyone can enjoy. To make sure your… Read More

Riverbend Sandler Texas Sun Safety Tips for Kids

Staying safe in the sun is very important for everyone, but this is especially true for children. Adults are old enough to know when to put on sunscreen or wear a hat, but kids often go about their business and don’t even notice how warm it is outside. As a parent of young children, it… Read More


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