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Signs Your Pool Needs To Be Shocked

On a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing better than cooling off in your own crystal clear pool. With swim season right around the corner, now is the ideal time to begin preparing your pool for endless hours of fun. While regular maintenance work undoubtedly plays a vital role in keeping your pool clean, there are times when a stronger approach is required — a process known as pool shocking.

But what exactly does this mean? And what are the signs that your pool needs to be shocked? Thankfully, the team at Riverbend Sandler Pools is here to fill you in with everything you need to know.

Signs a Swimming Pool Needs to Be Shocked

What is pool shocking?

Pool shocking is a process used to revitalize your pool water so that it’s clear, hygienic, and ready to swim in. This is achieved by adding a higher-than-usual dose of oxidizing agents, usually chlorine, to eliminate contaminants that have accumulated, such as bacteria and algae. Pool shocking also helps to break down the chloramines, also known as combined chlorine, which form when the chlorine in your pool reacts with organic matter, such as sweat and body oils. By neutralizing the chloramines, the water chemistry is restored to ensure a safe swimming experience.

Signs your pool needs to be shocked

Low chlorine levels – As part of your ongoing pool maintenance, you should be regularly testing the chemistry and chlorine levels of your pool water. Should you find that the chlorine levels have dipped below the recommended levels, it’s important that this is swiftly rectified to ensure your water is properly sanitized. Shock treatment will quickly and effectively raise chlorine levels to the appropriate range.

Heavy rainfall – Heavy rainfall can introduce contaminants, such as dirt and debris, into your pool. Rainwater can also alter the chemical balance of your water, so if your area has been hit by a particularly bad downpour, it’s vital to shock your pool as a precautionary measure.

Cloudy water – In a clean and correctly sanitized pool, the water should be clear with no visible contaminants. If your pool has cloudy water, this could indicate that your water chemistry is imbalanced, and you may need to shock your pool to quickly restore the chlorine levels.

Algae growth – Algae can significantly impact both the water quality and appearance of your pool. By shocking your pool, it creates a highly-oxidized environment that is lethal to algae, with the high concentrations of chlorine breaking down the algae cells to prevent them from returning.

Irritation – If swimmers experience red eyes or skin irritation after using your pool, this can indicate the presence of chloramines. Shocking your pool can help to alleviate this issue, as the elevated levels of chlorine will break down and eliminate these chloramines by oxidizing them.

How to properly shock your pool

Before you shock your pool, you should always test the water, examining the chlorine levels and pH to evaluate the current state of the water. Once the need for shock treatment is determined, the correct dose must be calculated and prepared — note that some shock products may need to be diluted in water first.

Once the shock treatment solution is ready, it should be poured into the pool, ensuring even distribution. Walking around the pool’s perimeter while pouring is the most effective method.  Following this, the pool pump should be run continuously for a few hours to help circulate the treatment throughout the water. To ensure the safety and comfort of swimmers, it is advisable to wait approximately 24 hours before using the pool for swimming, to allow time for the chlorine levels to normalize.

Shocking your pool is a delicate process and it must be done correctly to avoid a chemical imbalance. To guarantee a safe and effective pool shock, you should call upon the services of an experienced pool company, like Riverbend Sandler. By reaching out to professionals, you can have peace of mind knowing that every aspect of the pool shocking process will be meticulously handled to minimize the risk of complications.

If you’re searching for a pool expert throughout Plano, Dallas, Frisco, Prosper, McKinney, or the surrounding areas, look no further than Riverbend Sandler Pools. We offer weekly pool maintenance that will ensure your pool is always kept in pristine condition, ready to dive in at a moment’s notice. Contact us today or complete an online request form to find out more.

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