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9 Awesome Features Every Dallas Outdoor Kitchen Should Have

With so many gadgets and appliances on the market, choosing the right fittings for your outdoor kitchen might seem overwhelming. Thankfully, we’ve done some of the work for you. Below you’ll find six features that you should consider for your brand new outdoor kitchen. Some are obvious choices, while others are cool additions that you might not have thought to add to your design. Whether you pick a few or all of them, you will have a great plan for your outdoor kitchen.

1. Get Your Grill On

The first feature that every outdoor kitchen should have is a grill. Even people without an entire outdoor kitchen should have a grill in the backyard, but there are many different types of grills to choose from. Your options for grills include gas, charcoal, and a new favorite-ceramic. These tend to run a little higher when it comes to price, but are still an affordable option. Your choice will ultimately come down to personal preference (some grill masters just love their charcoal) and price.

Backyard Furniture
Outdoor Living Area with Kitchen and Fireplace

2. Everything And the Kitchen Sink

The next must have for your outdoor kitchen is a sink. Having a sink outside will make food prep and clean up so much easier. For a ready supply of filtered water, opt for a sink with a built-in water purifier. For durability, you can’t beat stainless steel. And for an outdoor kitchen, it’s certainly the safest option. You don’t want to have to worry about porcelain sinks cracking or discoloring in extreme weather.

3. Dishwasher Drawers for Mini Loads

If you prefer to keep house and outdoor dishes separate, you’ll want to add a dishwasher to your outdoor kitchen. If you don’t need a full sized model, there are slim washers available as well as washer drawers that allow you to run half loads when you only have a small group.

4. Kegerator Anyone?

Wine refrigerators are a popular choice for outdoor kitchens, but if you prefer hops to grapes, you need a Kegerator. Ditch the cans and bottles and break out the mason jars. When you have a Kegerator, your guests can enjoy fresh, ice cold beer on tap at your own backyard bar. While it may require a few extra steps to keep the lines clean and well-maintained, it’s worth the few minutes of added work. Want to offer the ultimate beverage selection? Consider a model that combines a traditional beverage refrigerator with the kegerator unit.

Perlick Kergerator and Refrigerator Combo from HomeEquipmentStars.com
Perlick Kergerator and Refrigerator Combo from HomeEquipmentStars.com

5. Trash Drawer and Compactor

Keeping trash under cover is critical in an outdoor kitchen. With a trash drawer that doubles as a compactor, you keep your trash out of the way of critters and compact it for space saving. Consider having an additional trash drawer for recyclables like glass and plastics.

6. Warming Drawer

Don’t let your grilled masterpieces go cold while the kids are swimming. Your warming drawer will make sure food stays warm and juicy when moving from grill to table.

7. Gas Side-Burners / Griddles

If your grill doesn’t have a gas burner plate built in, consider having two installed on your outdoor kitchen countertop. These are handy for heating up beans and other sides or for doing large pot boils like crab, crawfish or lobster pot boils!

8. Pizza Ovens

For that authentic pizza taste, why not install a traditional stone pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen? Your guests will love assembling their own creations and watching them go onto the stone oven.

9. Pass Through Window

Let’s face it, sometimes you’ll still need to use your indoor kitchen amenities. And that makes a pass through window a must-have. Whether for food service or clean up, this will save you a lot of hassle and your feet will thank you.

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