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Bringing the Kitchen Outdoors: How to Turn Your Backyard into a Chef’s Paradise

Outdoor kitchens are becoming a hot new trend for outdoor lovers, especially in areas like Dallas and Plano, Texas where the weather begs to be enjoyed. Now, your household chef can make themselves at home outside the home by having a convenient and enjoyable outdoor kitchen space.

These desirable home features combine grilling areas with prep surfaces, cabinet storage and even advanced fixtures like an outdoor sink or a mini fridge. The best part is that the sky is the limit when it comes to outdoor kitchens, and aficionados can add on more features as time goes on to make their backyard a true chef’s paradise.
Read on to learn more about how outdoor kitchens are designed and how you can catch some of the feverish excitement offered by pool builders in Dallas who also specialize in outdoor living.

Start with a Great Gas Grill

A gas grill is the most important centerpiece to an outdoor kitchen; a high-quality one can be fired up at the press of a button then warmed and ready to go in minutes. You gain the convenience of features like side stove burners and the extra real estate not offered by most small charcoal grills. Smart grillers can even duplicate a lot of the flavor charcoal adds by soaking wood chips and placing them strategically.
Of course, if you are a true die-hard fan of charcoal, you can still incorporate one into the space with some careful planning, but the convenience and sheer sleekness of gas grills makes them the perfect anchor for your outdoor kitchen.

Counters and Cabinets

With your grill as an anchor, Dallas outdoor living experts like Riverbend Sandler Pools then build a metal frame of the shape you want your kitchen to take. These sturdy frames protect your outdoor area from fire hazards and the elements while giving you a modular setup to add on cabinets and countertops. Ensure that you have enough storage to make outdoor cooking convenient, and that you have enough room to work your magic by picking the right size cabinet footprint.

Add on Some Goodies

If you wanted to, you could stop there with a nice grill, a home for all your tools and a spot to chop your meat. Since the spirit of outdoor living is about actually living it up, you can add more flair with kitchen fixtures that truly make your outdoor kitchen a place you will want to cook every meal. These features include:

  • Outdoor sink — a must have for keeping your hands clean while cooking!
  • Mini-fridge or freezer
  • Built-in drink cooler
  • Outdoor stove range
  • Designated spot for your smoker
  • Bar-height counter and seating
  • Overhead ventilation: exhaust hoods or outdoor fans
  • A stone fireplace that’s perfect for making pizzas

You can see how quickly your outdoor kitchen can become an exotic playpen to test out some of your ambitious ideas or to do your family’s recipes the justice they deserve.

Outdoor Kitchens Available from the Best Pool Builders in Dallas

Start your outdoor culinary adventure today by reading about how the expert team at Riverbend Sandler Pools can create your very own outdoor kitchen in no time flat. Visit our Dallas outdoor living section to learn more.


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