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Custom Pool Designs for Your Backyard

The average pool design will not suit the needs of all homeowners. Some are wishing to use their pool for exercise or fierce games of volleyball, while others are purchasing a pool for the sole purpose of entertaining large quantities of people around the deck. Others want to walk out their back door to their own private oasis, and are most concerned with the beauty of the pool rather than the function. For those of you who desire more than the standard, there are professionals available to design a custom pool that will fulfill all of your wants and needs.

You may customize nearly every aspect of your pool, from the shape to special amenities. Would you like a pool that is shaped like the footprint of your dog? No problem — if it is your dream, then it can become a reality. Here are just a few factors to take into consideration when you are deciding between different custom pool designs.

Size and Shape

It is important to keep the size and shape of your backyard in mind while you are considering different custom pool designs. Even if you would prefer a larger pool, this might not be possible if you do not have an adequate amount of space for both the pool and equipment that make it function.
Not to worry, custom design professionals are proficient at creating for clients a pool that they will love and that also fits within the limitations of the property. Even a small pool can be both beautiful and useful. If you do have the space and would like a larger pool, it is important to design the mammoth feature in a way that best compliments your backyard.

Why You Want a Pool

When designing your custom pool, it is important to keep your wants and needs in mind. If you would like a lap pool for exercise, get a lap pool. If you are only concerned with laying out in the warm sun on the deck, perhaps you should consider a smaller pool that has a grand and beautiful setting. Every component of your pool can be customized to fit your wants and needs, so make sure that you voice them all to designers.

Think of Surroundings

The pool itself is not the only thing to keep in mind as you are considering custom pool designs. Your pool might need to be built around obstacles, such as dangerous power lines or pre-existing pipe work. You should also consider access gates that are already located in your backyard and where these will lead in association to the stairs or deck. The views from your home are equally as important as the view from the side of the pool. This is your own, personal oasis and a dream come true — you should be able to admire it at any time, even from indoors.
Custom pool designs can suit the needs of any individual. If you would like more information, visit our custom pools page or contact a representative with Riverbend Pools today. 


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