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Does My Swimming Pool Require Renovation?

If you’re lucky enough to own a backyard pool, you’ll know it can be a godsend on scorching summer days. However, given that your pool is constantly exposed to the elements, it’s only natural that you may notice wear and tear over time. While this might not seem like a big deal, minor wear can develop into serious damage that affects both the appearance and functionality of your pool.

If your pool is looking a little tired then the time may have come to consider a pool renovation. But what are the benefits of a pool renovation? And what are the main signs that your pool is in need of some TLC? The team at Riverbend Sandler is here to help.

Signs your pool needs renovating

Damaged pool surface

If your pool coping or tiles have become cracked or damaged, not only does this look unattractive, but it can pose a safety hazard to swimmers; any exposed edges can cause injury and loose tiles can result in slips and falls. What’s more, this could indicate a deeper problem with the structure of your pool, so it’s best to have a professional come and take a look.

Dirty water

Have you just cleaned your pool and yet it already appears dirty again? Or maybe you know your pool chemistry is balanced but the water still looks cloudy? This could be a sign that there is something wrong with your pool equipment, such as your pump, filter, or pipework, and if the issue persists then it might be time to upgrade to ensure better water quality and circulation.

Outdated style

It’s only natural that your design preferences will change over time, so if you’ve had your pool for a while, it may no longer reflect your taste. A pool renovation allows you the chance to customize your pool to better suit your needs and give your backyard a new lease of life.

Constant repairs

If you find yourself constantly having to arrange repairs for your pool, these costs can soon mount up. By renovating your pool, you’re extending its lifespan and reducing the amount of repairs needed, not to mention saving money in the long run. 

Benefits of a pool renovation

Boosts property value

If your pool is in poor condition, this could deter prospective buyers or they could view it as a reason to negotiate the price down rather than seeing the potential of the space. By refreshing the appearance of your pool – whether that’s with a quick pool resurfacing or a complete remodeling – you could add a significant amount to the price of your home. So, if your property is currently up for sale or you’re thinking about listing it in the near future, a pool renovation could be a wise investment.

Modern expansive pool environment

Increased usability

A pool renovation not only ensures your pool looks great, but it also improves functionality to make it a more enjoyable place for you and your family to spend time. Plus, if your pool equipment is old or outdated then this can encourage algae growth, so by upgrading your pool, you can increase usability and ensure it’s ready to jump into at a moment’s notice. Quite simply, the better your pool looks, the more you’ll want to use it.

Upgraded features

Perhaps you installed your pool years ago and, now that your family has grown, it needs to be more child-friendly? Or maybe you’d like to extend swimming hours through the night? Whether you’re interested in incorporating pool lighting, pool waterfalls, tanning ledges, or some fountains and bubblers for the kids, there are a vast array of features available if you’d like to add some wow factor and transform your pool into the perfect space for entertaining.

Modern meets tradtional

Improved efficiency

Pool technology is evolving all the time, and by renovating your existing pool and upgrading your filters, heaters, and pumps to the latest types available, you can improve the efficiency of your pool. This can save you money in the long run by lowering energy bills, reducing the need for frequent repairs and maintenance, and extending the lifespan of your pool.

If you’d like to upgrade your pool in North Texas, the team at Riverbend Sandler can help. From incorporating new features to entirely changing the shape and design of your pool, we offer a comprehensive pool remodeling service that can take your backyard to the next level.

Get in touch today to find out more.

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