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Fall and Winter are the Best Seasons for a New Pool

Are you considering building a custom pool in Dallas, Texas, but are unsure of when you should start the project? In this location, the weather is beautiful and warm throughout the year. This makes it easy to use a swimming pool or spa without having to close it up for the winter. The summer months are the peak seasons for using, building and remodeling pools, and you might not be able to use your pool until after fall and winter, especially if it is a large project.

Choosing to start designing and building your pool in the winter could be very beneficial. Your Dallas pool builders can provide you with an excellent, personalized experience and have your pool ready to use before the Texas heat shines down heavily on the land. Here are a few reasons why fall and winter are the best seasons to start building a new pool.

Save Money

Building a pool during the summer can be more difficult and more expensive than completing the project in the fall or winter. The grueling heat of summer drives up the prices of both materials and labor. Many pool building companies also feature winter sales or specials that will not be available during the hotter months. This could save you a great amount financially, money that you can repurpose towards a custom outdoor kitchen or additional features to make your landscaping even more beautiful.

Save Time

Starting your pool in the fall or winter will ensure that it is completed and ready to use before the intense summer heat arrives. Contractors and laborers are often brought to their limits from working in the heat or summer, which makes for a slower building process and a longer time before the project can be complete. The perfect temperatures of the winter months provide a much milder working environment which you can use to your advantage. While the seasons are cooler, complete your property with a beautiful custom pool, spa and outdoor landscaping that will be ready to enjoy before the summer.

Perfect Time to Plan Landscaping

Your pool area will be completed with a beautiful array of outdoor plants. Some of these plants, especially the colorful flowers that you choose, will need to be planted during the spring, rather than late in the season, but the winter gives you the perfect opportunity to plan your finished landscaping so that it will be perfect when it is time to use the pool.

Do Not Forget Your Fire Pit

Installing your custom pool during the winter months will also encourage you to complete your outdoor space with trending features, such as an outdoor fire pit. This accessory can be used all year around, just like your beautiful swimming pool. They are perfect for entertaining, or simply enjoying a relaxing night with the glowing embers.

Start Your Pool Today

Now is the perfect time to start designing and building your custom pool and outdoor space. Do not wait until it is too late to take advantage of the benefits of building during the cooler months. If you would like more information, visit our swimming pool page or contact a representative with Riverbend Sandler Pools today.


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