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Freezing Weather Procedures


  • Run filtration pump and jet pumps continuously. If functioning properly, your freeze guard should run the pump automatically until temperatures rise above freezing. Note: Direct sunlight on your freeze guard may “trick” it into functioning as if the temperature is above freezing thereby turning off your pump. If this happens, reactivate the pump manually and remove the timer trippers or switch the computer controller to “service” and turn the pumps on. The pumps WILL NOT turn off automatically in service mode.
  • Break up ice on the pool and spa surfaces to keep the skimmers and skimmer doors free from ice. Carefully remove skimmer doors if it is not possible to keep them free of ice. Use caution to avoid damaging the skimmers.
  • Maintain proper pool water level at all times (at the middle of the tile). If the water level drops too low, the pump will draw in air through the skimmers which increases the risk of equipment freeze damage.
  • NEVER backwash during extremely cold conditions. Filter pressure gauges can freeze, resulting in inaccurate readings.
  • DO NOT use heater during extreme cold unless it has been constantly running prior to the drop in temperature.
  • Adjust pool and spa jets upwards to reduce surface freezing.

Power Failure Procedures During Freezing Weather

  • Turn off circuit breakers to all pool equipment.
  • Open the filter air bleed valve. If it is frozen, pour warm water over it to dislodge the ice.
  • Drain the pumps by removing all drain plugs from the bottom of the pump. Place the plugs in the pump basket and loosely replace the lid.
  • Remove the winterizing plugs and/or open drain valves on the heater and place them in the pump basket.
  • Remove drain plug for the filter.
  • Remove the chlorinator tubing and lid.
  • To prevent ice from forming in the skimmer, place a one-liter plastic bottle half-filled with water in each skimmer. This will help take up any freeze expansion in the skimmers.
  • Open all valves or adjust 3-way valves to the middle positions to allow water to flow back into the pool through all pipes.
  • Any pipes that cannot be drained should be protected with electrical heat strips available at local hardware stores.
  • Cover electronic ignition heaters with a blanket for insulation. UNCOVER HEATER PRIOR TO USE.

Freeze damage and resulting repairs are NOT covered under standard homeowner’s policies, or builder’s & manufacturer’s warranties. Proper winterization of pumps, filter, pipes, valves and heaters can help protect your investment.
Here are some preventative tasks to keep your pool running smoothly and reduce the risk of freeze damage throughout the winter months:

General Winterizing Procedures

  • Run all filtration, spa booster and fountain pumps continuously during freezing temperatures.
  • Set all valves to allow at least minimal water flow through all above-ground pipes.
  • Drain backwash line by opening faucet of sight glass if an anti-siphon valve is not present.
  • Keep skimmer and pump baskets clean.
  • Clean filter to ensure maximum flow. A clean filter is particularly important during the winter months.
  • Disconnect and drain all fill and slide lines. Be sure to blow out these lines to remove water.
  • Have all air and water leaks repaired.
  • Store your test kit away from freezing conditions.
  • Remove and store all pool accessories in a clean, dry area.
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