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Give Your Pool Design Impact with Stunning Water Features

A&A Manufacturing Water Feature

Whether you’re designing a new pool or renovating an existing one, water features are always an important element. They add visual interest and aesthetic appeal to your backyard and bring impact to an otherwise simple pool design.

While fountains and waterfalls are popular choices, they tend to be more of a focal point in the design, while other features can support and accentuate. We love the affect that bubblers and deck jets have on a pool design. Here are water features we love for their stunning displays and their innovative designs.


Splash!Down is a fountain that shoots up from your pool floor for a stunning display. They can be installed in various patterns or designs in around the pool, from pool steps to shallow wading areas and spas. A&A Manufacturing has created them in different fountain styles to suit a variety of pool and backyard designs:

Splash!Down Crystal Spray creates a fun, cascading fountain.
Splash!Down Water Jet creates a bubbling oasis in your pool.
Splash!Down Water Lilly forms an elegant, clear dome effect.

We love the Splash!Down fountains not only for their beautiful displays, but also for their innovative design. When the fountains are turned off, they retract to be flush with the pool surface to create more room for swimming or play. They are virtually undetected until they are switched on.

Living Waters

We install A&A’s Living Waters system to bring movement to a simple or otherwise dull pool design. While other water features are designed to be stagnant (once on, they just spray), the Living Waters creates a bubbling water display that brings continuous action to any area of the pool. They can be installed in water up to 18 inches deep, offering design flexibility. And like all other A&A water features, they remain flush with the pool surface when turned off. We like to use them in beach entries or ledges to bring movement and life to a design. They offer a very natural, “hot springs” feel to the pool or spa.


For a classic, Romanesque water feature we like to use A&A’s AquaArch nozzles. Mounted flush on the pool deck, they create a stunning stream of crystal water that archs across the pool. The low-flow stream of water reaches approximately seven feet, making for a truly impressive display. They can be arranged around a spa, in a single row on a raised wall, or down the length of the pool on each side for a canopy effect- the design options are numerous.

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