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How A Pool Can Add Serious Home Value

There’s no doubt about it — a swimming pool adds a lot of value to your life. As well as a place to get fit and stay healthy, it’s also a natural meeting place for people to gather to have fun and socialize. 

What about the value it adds to your home though? 

In this article, we’ll explore exactly how a pool can add value to your home and boost its selling price for the future. 

6 ways a pool adds value to your home 

Whether you’re constructing a pool from scratch or renovating a current one to meet modern standards, there are many benefits: 

Keeps up with the neighbors

Many properties are compared to the trends and standards common in their neighborhood. So if your home does not have a pool in a pool-heavy neighborhood, it will likely stand out on the market for the wrong reasons which could impact the selling price. 

Makes the most of a warmer climate

If your home is located in a state that is warm all year round, such as Texas or Florida, a pool will be a very attractive amenity for buyers who want to make the most of the weather all year round. This means a pool will likely increase your home value in these warm states.  

Appeals to affluent home buyers

Homes with pools are often targeted by more affluent home buyers. As an appealing trait in the luxury market, it may mean you could ask for a higher sum for your home, depending on other factors too. 

Improves home’s aesthetic

Valuing a home is a complex process that takes a lot into account. One big thing that valuers look at is the home’s aesthetics and modernity. Therefore a contemporary or renovated pool that holds up to the expectations of modern style and features will improve your home’s aesthetic and potentially increase the asking price. 

geometric pool with cabana

Enhances recreational appeal

Having a dedicated spot for relaxation, health, and fitness in their backyard is a big draw for some buyers. These people see the convenience of having this recreational space at home as worth paying for, making a pool a great way to enhance the recreational appeal of your home.  

These are just a few of the many ways a pool can add value to your home — and life. But how much of an impact does it make? 

How much does a pool increase home value? 

It is difficult to precisely estimate exactly how much your home value can expect to increase upon adding or renovating a pool. 

The exact sum will depend on multiple factors involving your home and pool’s characteristics, including the location and state of the market at the time. An experienced realtor should be able to shed more light on an exact figure, but pools have been known to increase a home’s value by up to 7% in some cases. 

Natural negative edge pool

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