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How Security and Style Can Go Hand in Hand

With the days getting longer and warmer, and kids getting antsier for vacation, it must mean summer is around the corner! For Dallas area homeowners, pool season has already arrived. May also happens to be National Water Safety Month, so it’s a great time to get your pool in shape and remind children of the best water practices for safe swimming and for the many warm months ahead.

Water safety doesn’t just apply to pool activity, however; it also means making sure your pool and backyard space is as safe and functional as it is fun and beautiful. Here are some home pool safety design tips to keep your Texas outdoor space as secure as possible. Some of these safety and security pool additions can even add to the space’s overall aesthetic!

Install Pool Fencing

 Adding a fence around your pool area is especially important. Most states require pool areas to be fenced in by law, and some even have height minimums. Regardless, your pool fencing must be at least 42-inches or four-feet high. In addition to home pool safety, this is a great opportunity for design—your fence can be painted any color you want to make sure it coordinates with the rest of your backyard aesthetic.
Pool area fencing should also have a gate that is self-closing and self-latching. This way, even with children going in and out of the gate and neglecting to close it properly, the gate will close and latch to ensure the pool area stays safe. Keep in mind that these secure structures don’t have to mean an ugly chainlink fence; you can have different styles of fencing installed around your pool that seamlessly incorporate into the beauty of your backyard.

Pool and Drain Cover Guidelines

 When the pool is in use, make sure the cover has been completely removed. There have been cases of children becoming trapped under only partially removed pool covers, which is dangerous even in shallow waters. By completely removing your pool cover, you can keep your family safer while also improving the sheer look of the space simultaneously.
Drains and filtration systems also present pool hazards that are important to address. Even if your state does not legally require your pool to have anti-vortex drain covers, it is vital you install them, especially if there are small children in your household. There are also anti-entanglement and anti-entrapment covers that are even safer, as they prevent children’s fingers or hair from being sucked into pool drains, and they don’t change the aesthetics of your pool.

Keep Lifesaving Equipment Nearby

 While it’s vital you teach your children pool safety and never allow them to be unsupervised, accidents happen; you also never know what other children have been taught, should your children invite a friend over for some pool fun. It’s important that you’re prepared no matter what the situation—pool ownership comes with the responsibility of keeping everyone safe. No matter how advanced the swimmers are in your household, always keep life vests, first aid kits, a long pole, etc. nearby.

Other Home Pool Safety Tips

 Home pool safety, of course, starts with teaching swimmers proper pool activity. Go over the pool rules with your children diligently. For example, even children who are good swimmers should never be in the pool unsupervised, and running on slippery pavement is always dangerous. Also be sure to regularly test the chemical levels in your pool to make sure they are balanced. Lock away chemicals when not in use, as they are poisonous if swallowed and thus very dangerous for more curious children.
Whether you’re looking to build a pool of your own, or renovate an existing space to make it safer, Riverbend Sandler Pools of Plano services the entire Dallas area with the best, safest residential pools without sacrificing style in the process. Pool safety is one of our utmost concerns, and we’ll be happy to provide details about all our pool offerings—contact us today for more information.


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