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How to Keep Kids Safe Around Water

September is Baby Safety Month, and even as we head into the fall and winter months, being safe around the water is crucial to keeping your family safe. Recent stories of tragedy remind us how quickly children can find themselves in danger when around swimming pools. But parents (and all grown-ups) can help keep children safe by following these essential water safety tips and practices. Together, we can all make sure pool time remains a fun time for all.  


Teach Your Children to Swim

There’s no better way to help children than by giving them the tools to help themselves. It’s never too early to learn infant survival skills. These lessons teach young children how to float and get to the side of the pool if they should ever fall in. They also help them to be comfortable in the water and respond calmly to what can be a scary situation. Contact your local swim school for an infant survival skills program.

Swimming lessons for older children help too. Being a strong swimmer can help them get out of dangerous situations, be more comfortable in the water, and it also builds strength and confidence.  


Put a Fence Around Your Pool

While not foolproof, putting a fence around your swimming pool is an essential component of water safety. Children can’t fall in if they can’t near the pool. But we all know children are very crafty and can find their way around almost any obstacle. So if small kids will ever be around your pool, a safety fence is an absolute must. However, it’s not a complete solution. We can incorporate a fence into your pool design so that it blends in seamlessly.


Stay Vigilant at All Times

Most important of all, always keep an eye on the pool and look for any signs of danger. Drowning is not like in the movies. It’s fast and silent. Even with a crowd of adults around the swimming pool, tragedy can happen. A smart idea is to designate a water watcher. If you’re hosting a pool party and have to flip burgers and run in and out of the house, make sure one adult is always designated the “Water Watcher.” You can even create a lanyard so everyone knows which adult is in charge of watching the pool. Also, put the phone down!


Make Safety the Number One Priority

Swimming pools are incredible places to have fun and build family memories. The swimming pool will be the center of bonding with friends and family for years to come. But safety must always be your top priority. It starts with awareness and vigilance. Every pool we build incorporates the latest safety features and safety products help, but there is no substitute for the watchful eye of a loving grown-up.

NOTE: Floaties and pool floats are not safety devices and should never be depended on to keep a child from going underwater.

At Riverbend Sandler, we want your swimming pool to be a source of joy and happiness. That’s why we wanted to share these water safety tips for Baby Safety Month. If you have any questions about keeping your family safe around the swimming pool, please contact us. We will be happy to help. You can also visit Pool Safely for ideas, suggestions, and facts about drowning.



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