How to Know When You’re Due for a Pool Remodel in Dallas and Plano TX

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How to Know When You’re Due for a Pool Remodel

Thinking about having your pool redone? Maybe your pool is trying to tell you that it is time to get some work done on it or have it remodeled. Here are some of the signs that it is time to get your pool remodeled.

Your Pool Looks Outdated

When you walk out into your backyard, do you feel like you are stepping through a time portal into the past? Trends change, and what was trendy when you had your pool installed may just not be up to date anymore. This can be a great reason to have your pool remodeled.
A remodel of your pool can add life to an old pool and bring it up to date by adding LED lights or water features. There are many ways to update your pool with a remodel.

Repair after Repair

You get the liner changed only to find out that there is a problem with the circulation pump. Once that is fixed, you spend weeks trying to get the chemicals right only to find out that the filter has gone bad. If you find that you are sinking large amounts of money just to keep your pool functioning, then it might be time for a remodel.
Pools operate with mechanical systems. Over time those systems are going to break down, sometimes to the point that they cannot be repaired. Having them replaced will save you money in the long run. A pool remodel will update any of your old pool systems, as well as the pool structure itself; therefore, you can quit worrying about what is going to break next and simply enjoy your pool.

Time for an Upgrade

Maybe you made some design choices on your first pool because your budget was limited. Maybe you bought a home with a smaller pool than you would have liked because of location or other qualities about your home. No matter what the reason was, it is time to take the smaller pool and make it big enough to host a block party.
Upgrade your pool to something bigger or upgrade your deck and patio to accommodate more people. Riverbend Sandler Pools’ award winning and top 50 staff can help you turn your backyard into the envy of the neighborhood.

Your Pool Looks Worn

Are those deep blue tiles fading to a baby blue? Maybe your lights don’t shine as bright at night anymore or that patio is just starting to look old. Pools that see a lot of activity can begin to look worn. Refresh you pool’s look with a remodel. You can get it looking brand new in no time and for less money than you might think!

Riverbend Pools Are Your Dallas Pool Experts

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Riverbend Sandler is a Dallas pool builder, remodel and service provider, serving Plano, Dallas and surrounding areas for over 30 years. Riverbend Sandler is an award winning pool builder providing quality construction and excellent customer service for over 30 years.
With the mission of “Creating Lifetime Pools for Lifetime Customers”, Riverbend Sandler Pools remains a family-run company dedicated to the ideals that only a personal commitment can uphold. Through award-winning design, high-tech construction processes, conscientious customer care and on-going support, we pride ourselves on keeping customers for life!
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