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How to Make Your Pool More Eco-Friendly

Adding a swimming pool to your Texas backyard living space is no doubt a great investment for your home. Using the right materials in construction ensures that it lasts a very long time, adding overall value to your home. Plus, an outdoor living space essentially extends your home, bringing your family outside for bonding and entertainment.

Of course, pools are not innately eco-friendly, which can sometimes be costly. But there are several ways you can make a more eco-friendly pool and outdoor space. We at Riverbend Sandler Pools are dedicated to helping you find the best solutions for you and your customized swimming pool—here are some of our top ways to green-up your pool and outdoor space.

Install an Energy-Efficient Pump

 If you’re still in the process of designing your pool, then you’re in luck: you still get to decide which pump to install. At Riverbend Sandler, we offer the Jandy ePump Variable Speed Pump. As the quietest and most efficient pump on the market, the ePump will save you up to 90 percent on energy costs. This is thanks to the ePump’s high-efficiency motor and eight variable speeds. With customizable control options and its variable-speed motor, the ePump has a longer life than other pumps and will continue saving you money over time, making for a truly eco-friendly pool.

Keep Your Pool Covered

Now entering DIY territory: there are so many easy things you yourself can do to make your pool more eco-friendly. One of these simple solutions is keeping your pool covered when not in use. A pool cover reduces almost all of a pool’s evaporation, reduces a pool’s chemical usage, and traps heat in a pool more efficiently so that you get more swimming days out of the year.

Take Advantage of the Rain

 You’ll need to top up your pool eventually—why not use a resource you’ll get no matter what? Instead of covering your pool when it rains, use the rainwater to top up instead of main water. You can do this with a simple rainwater diverter that directs downfall into your now eco-friendly pool.

Manually Clean Your Pool

 If you can make it easier for your pump and filters to do their jobs, you’ll definitely be able to save on energy costs. Do some of the dirty work yourself. Use a skimmer or a vacuum to occasionally manually clean your pool and your pool’s heating equipment. Your energy bill will thank you!

Grow a Windbreak

 Growing plants and shrubs as a windbreak on the side of your pool can help reduce the evaporation rate and thus your overall water usage. Using native plants is a definite for an eco-friendly pool, too—they use less water and require much less maintenance to keep up. Do try and choose plants that don’t shed leaves and bark so easily—that way, you won’t have as much debris in your pool to clean up.

Build Your Own Custom Eco-Friendly Pool

Summer will be here before you know it—if you’re thinking of building a Dallas backyard pool of your own, it’s the perfect time to get started! Perhaps you already know exactly what you want, or maybe you need more assistance with designing the perfect swimming pool for your Dallas home. Whatever your case, we at Riverbend Sandler can help you with the entire customization process, from designing the perfect pool shape for your backyard living space to selecting your materials to installation. We can also assure you get the most value out of your pool and will work with you to make it as eco-friendly as possible. Contact us to get started today!


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