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How to Make Your Pool More Eco-Friendly

Adding a swimming pool to your Texas backyard is a great investment for your home. Using the right techniques and materials can ensure your pool lasts for many years, while also looking after the planet. If you do it right, you can make it the perfect place to bring family together, save some money, and take care of the wider environment. 

Luckily, there are some easy ways you can create a more eco-friendly pool and outdoor space. The team here at Riverbend Sandler Pools is dedicated to helping you find the best solutions for you and your customized swimming pool. 

So here are some of our top ways to green up your pool and outdoor space.

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Why is sustainability important for pool construction? 

Creating an eco-friendly pool comes with many benefits, including: 

  • Saves energy bills: By employing energy-saving techniques, you can protect both your pocket and the planet at the same time. 
  • Fewer emissions: Consequently, using energy-saving technologies will lower the output of harmful emissions into our atmosphere. 
  • Saves water: Water is a resource that we shouldn’t take for granted, especially moving into the future. Some pool construction methods and additions are great for conserving water so you can do your bit to protect this valuable resource, while also saving money. 

That’s how sustainability can help at the construction stage. But how can an eco-friendly approach help ongoing maintenance? 


What are the benefits of maintaining a sustainable pool? 

When it comes to maintenance, you want to save time, money, and resources. A sustainable pool can help you do that. 

For example, a modern filtration system will be more energy-efficient, requiring less manual input from you. Sustainable pools also come with lower running costs, making maintenance more affordable in the long run.  

Eco-friendly methods also make for a more pleasant swimming experience. Using natural cleaning and sanitizing products in your pool maintenance routine can reduce skin and eye irritation in sensitive swimmers.


8 best ways to make your pool more environmentally friendly 

1. Install an energy-efficient pump

If you’re still in the process of designing your pool, then you’re in luck as you can still decide which pump to install. At Riverbend Sandler, we offer the Jandy ePump Variable Speed Pump. As the quietest and most efficient pump on the market, the ePump will save you up to 90% on energy costs, thanks to the ePump’s high-efficiency motor and eight variable speeds. With customizable control options and its variable-speed motor, the ePump has a longer life than other pumps and will continue saving you money over time, making for a truly eco-friendly pool.

2. Keep your pool covered

Not everything has to be done at the design stage. There are so many easy things you yourself can do to make your pool more eco-friendly. One of these simple solutions is keeping your pool covered when not in use. A pool cover reduces almost all of a pool’s evaporation, decreasing a pool’s chemical usage, and trapping heat in the pool more efficiently. 

3. Take advantage of the rain

You’ll need to top up your pool eventually, so why not use a natural resource? Instead of covering your pool when it rains, use rainwater to top up the water level. You can do this with a simple rainwater diverter that directs the downfall into your now eco-friendly pool. 

You can also explore surface runoff harvesting systems that capture water runoff from hard surfaces in your outdoor spaces, such as from the driveway or patio. Roof catchment systems are another collection option, collecting rainwater from the roof of your building and directing it to your pool. 

4. Manually clean your pool

If you can make it easier for your pump and filters to do their jobs, you’ll be able to save on energy costs. You can achieve this by doing some of the dirty work yourself. Use a skimmer or a vacuum to occasionally manually clean your pool and your pool’s heating equipment. Your energy bill will thank you. 

5. Grow a windbreak

Growing plants and shrubs as a windbreak on the side of your pool can help reduce the evaporation rate and thus your overall water usage. Using native plants is a definite for an eco-friendly pool, too, as they use less water and require less maintenance for their upkeep. Do try and choose plants that don’t shed leaves and bark so easily so you don’t have as much debris to clean from the pool. 

6. LED lights

If you want to create some drama with pool lighting, you can save energy at the same time. LED lights can give you the stunning lighting you seek while running at a considerably lower wattage than other lighting options. They also last up to five times longer than halogen, making them the more cost-effective choice too. 

7. Opt for high-quality materials and installation

A pool should sustain you for decades, and the way to ensure this is by opting for the services of a high-quality and award-winning swimming pool company, such as here at Riverbend Sandler Pools. 

By enjoying the very best workmanship and materials, you will require fewer replacements and repairs further down the line, ensuring that everything lasts much longer — which is much better for you and the planet’s resources. 

8. A regular maintenance schedule

The best way to ensure your pool is running sustainably and not wasting water is to arrange a regular maintenance service. 

A maintenance service will check for damage or cracks, such as water-wasting leaks, and also deal with any malfunctioning or unclean equipment. For example, making sure your filter is clean will consequently save on money and the use of cleaning chemicals. 

In summary, regular maintenance improves efficiency, saves energy, and boosts pool longevity by ensuring that your pool is running at peak performance at all times. 


The eco-friendly approach of Riverbend Sandler Pools

If you’re thinking of building a pool in your Dallas backyard, the team at Riverbend Sandler Pools can help. Perhaps you already know exactly what you want, or maybe you need more assistance with designing the perfect swimming pool for your Dallas home?

Whatever your case, at Riverbend Sandler we can help you with the entire customization process, including making eco-friendly adjustments at the design stage and during maintenance.

Our services span from designing the perfect pool shape for your backyard living space and selecting your materials, right through to installation. We can also assure you get the most value out of your pool and will work with you to make it as eco-friendly as possible. Our commitment to quality is upheld by our accreditations with Carecraft and the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance.


Riverbend Sandler is an award-winning Dallas pool builder, remodeler, and maintenance provider, bringing high-quality and eco-friendly construction to customers for over 30 years. 

Our family-run company is dedicated to innovative design, high-tech construction processes, conscientious customer care, and ongoing support. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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