How to Safely Store Pool and Spa Chemicals in Dallas

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How to Safely Store Pool and Spa Chemicals

Congratulations on building your custom pool at your Dallas, Texas home. Maintaining your pool may seem intimidating when you get your manual, but it is much simpler than it appears. Many modern pools have features that make owning a swimming pool or spa even easier, such as automated systems and touch-screen controls. You can put your pool on a filtration system that will keep it sparkling year around in the warm Texas weather. You will need to invest in the proper chemicals to put into your pool and spa to keep the water safe for you, your family and your friends to enjoy. These chemicals can be dangerous if they are consumed, are breathed in or make contact with the skin, so be sure to follow these tips on how to safely store your pool and spa chemicals.

Invest in a Storage Facility

Investing in a storage container or small closet-like facility will keep all of your chemical products in one, safe location. These containers are made to house pool and spa chemicals, so they already have the proper ventilation and will keep the chemical containers cool and dry. Many are split into multiple sections so that you can keep chemicals separate that should not be near one another, such as oxidizers and acids. Some have locking mechanisms or places to add your own lock device that will keep children out of the pool chemical storage compartments. Quality storage facilities can be purchased through most pool supply retailers.

Keep in Original Containers

It is very important that you keep your pool chemicals in their original containers. Putting your chemicals in a different container or a bad can be a major safety issue. Not only could the wrong chemical accidentally be used, but there are important instructions and safety measures on the original containers that should always be accessible. For instance, if a pet or a child accidentally gets a hold of one of your chemicals, knowing each ingredient, as well as poison control information, will be vital to their health and treatment. The original containers are the only safe way to store your chemicals, as they are made with compounds that are meant to house the chemicals for extended periods. Other containers might break down prematurely, leaking your chemicals. Never reuse your containers. Always follow the proper instructions for their disposal.

How to Store Liquids and Solids

You should never store your liquid chemicals above powders or other dry chemical compounds, even if they are in the original containers. If these containers were to leak, the chemicals above could drip onto the chemicals below, and the mix could potentially be disastrous. You should also never store chemicals in an area that is above your head or stack containers on top of one another. Never store your chemicals around flammable liquids or explosives, such as gasoline.

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