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Long-Term Pool Maintenance Tips

Are you considering putting your dream pool into your backyard space? Or, do you already own a glimmering custom pool that you love seeing on a daily basis? It is important to realize that your big dream requires some proactive effort in order to keep it from becoming a big disaster. Without proper long-term care and maintenance, your pool can turn from a refreshing oasis to a breeding ground for bacteria. It can also morph into quite the eyesore, a far cry from the crystal clear waters of your original dream.

Many people do not consider the effort that must be put forth into maintaining their custom pool when it is planned or initially installed. Once you are able to make the job a habit, it becomes much easier to remain consistent. Keeping up your pool can even be fun. Here are a few long-term pool maintenance tips that will help your Dallas pool to sparkle longer.

Skim Regularly

Skimming is not a task that should only be done before you actually use your pool. You should skim your pool as much as possible, multiple times per week. If you catch yourself walking through your pool area and know that you have a bit of extra time on your hands, pick up that skimmer and give your pool some love. Of all the pool maintenance tips listed here, this one is perhaps the easiest.

Scrub the Algae

Algae is not the worst substance that can grow in your pool, and some algae is both natural and beneficial. But this aquatic life form can quickly take over the side panels of your beautiful pool and turn it into a swamp. To keep this from happening, it is important that you scrub the sides of your pool about once a week. To help loosen the algae, fill an old sock with a liberal amount of chlorine and let it sit inside the pool for an hour before scrubbing.

Maintain the Pipes

The pipes and filter of your Dallas pool are the key to keeping it clean. If they go bad, you might find a big, costly mess on your hands. For this reason, it is important to be proactive about keeping them in good shape. Besides doing what has been previously mentioned, you should open your pool’s filter basket once a week and remove any debris that might have collected. You should also clean the pipes regularly as well.

Keep a Proper Balance

To prevent gross bacteria from contaminating your pool, maintain proper chemical balance. This is not difficult, and only requires that you test the water of your pool once a week and add chemicals as they are needed.

Keep the Right Level

Keeping a good water level is just as important as keeping the right chemical balance. If you notice that the water level of your pool needs to be adjusted, do so accordingly.
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