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Outdoor Lighting Trends for Long Winter Nights

Outdoor Lighting

There is nothing that sets off a new design quite like a great set of lights. Outdoor lighting has the ability to pull a room together while completely transforming the overall look and feel of a space. Having the right lights in your backyard space is as important as choosing the right furniture or even the right water and fire features. The lighting that you choose will tell a story about your space and your taste. Have you given much thought to the type of outdoor lighting that you would like to have?

One of the most popular lighting features is the accent light. This type of lighting is not meant to shed copious amounts of light, but it is instead designed to merely showcase the property and the landscape. Accent lights are great around sidewalks, flowerbeds, and swimming pools, or for showcasing a specific feature in your yard such as a flag, a statue, or a water feature such as a waterfall.

Another great lighting feature that looks amazing in the winter is the torch. Torches can be run on propane gas or with oil and a wick. The great thing about torches is that they are very versatile, meaning they can be used as the main lighting source or as accent lighting. If your torches are fed by gas, they will be fixed in place and thus rendered stationary.

If you are looking for something a bit more subtle, then rope lighting might be the right option for you. Rope lighting can be placed in areas that hide the rope but not the light, so it is a great option for trestles and archways. It is also a great way to light an arbor without having gaudy fixtures displayed. Rope lighting is relatively inexpensive and adds a bit more elegance to your area.

Regardless of the direction that you take with your outdoor lighting scheme, always remember that the right lighting will make the difference. Take the time to study your outdoor space so that you will be better suited to make the right decision regarding your outdoor lights.

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