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Pool & Spa Combinations and Why They Work in Your Backyard

Does your dream backyard feature a gorgeous pool complete with a spa that creates an all-encompassing outdoor oasis? Imagine enjoying your time swimming and being able to jump into the adjoining spa to wind down and relax. With a pool and spa combination, you don’t have to imagine that any longer. It’ll elevate your backyard and add one more reason to love staying outside. 

Read on to find out why a pool and spa combination will work wonders in your backyard and to learn more about the various types of design options available to you. 

Why Does A Pool & Spa Combination Work

An integrated spa is a great addition to your swimming pool design. It works especially well for an inground pool, giving it an additional touch of luxury. An inground spa and pool gives you the best of both worlds, letting you swim, splash and play around while also having a place to relax. 

There’s a wide variety of choices and design options to build a pool and spa combination that suits your needs and preferences. You can customize the spa area by adding jet massagers, LED lights, heating systems, and bubbling fountains to get the relaxing effect you desire. You can also customize the seating area, depending on the available space and your personal requirements. 

An inground spa can make use of the existing water circulation system and will not necessarily add much in terms of maintenance. 

Pool & Spa Designs

  • Spillover spa

A spillover spa is a type of spa arrangement that lies just next to your pool, creating a cool water effect around the area where your pool and spa meet. You can use just one pump to fill out both your pool and spa. This design facilitates low maintenance costs. Spillover spas are a special type of attached spas. The spillover water can be made to look like a thin sheet of flowing water or have a cascading effect depending on the design you choose. 

  • Overflow Spas

Overflow spas are a popular trend these days due to their unique design effect. These spas have a raised perimeter, and when integrated with the pool, they look as if they are floating in the water. The water flows over and down the spa walls. 

  • Naturalistic Spa

This kind of spa focuses on the aesthetics of the spa and pool. The spa is designed to blend with the natural landscape of your backyard complete with rocks, water fountains, and other natural forms to give a rustic scenery to your backyard. 

  • Pool with Integrated Spa

In these types of design options, the spa is built inside the pool and forms a part of the overall pool shape. It could be anywhere within the pool, in the corner, center, or at the end, depending on the pool shape and utilities. A dam wall separates the spa and the pool. The spa area can be differentiated with the help of different finish materials or tiling. 

  • Detached spa

Some people might want to have a separate space for their spa detached from the main pool area. This could be because of space constraints, privacy, or aesthetic concerns. When there is limited space around the pool, it is a good idea to position the spa away from the pool so that you can have a bigger spa. 

Your Dallas Pool & Spa Experts

Undoubtedly, a pool and spa combination adds an enhanced experience and visual to any backyard. It provides you with a peaceful area to relax after a swim, socialize with friends, while also relieving muscle aches and pains. It upgrades your home’s value and allows you to spend quality time with close friends and family. When it comes to your backyard, give the pool and spa building experts at Riverbend Sandler Pools a call to learn more about how we can bring your backyard vision to life today. 

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