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Your Pool’s Water Level is More Important than You May Realize

Many pool owners top up their pool water frequently during the summer because that’s what their builder told them to do. But many people don’t really know what the correct water level is or why it is so important.

What’s the Correct Water Level?

When assessing your pool’s water level, use the skimmer as your guide. Your pool water level should reach one third to one half of the way up the pool skimmer’s opening. A pool skimmer operates most efficiently when covered halfway with pool water.

The Problem with Too Much Water in Your Pool

If your pool water level completely covers the opening of your skimmer, then floating debris like leaves and insects can’t get in, so your skimmer cannot clean your pool water effectively. Half of the pool skimmer opening should be above the water line to allow water to circulate properly so that debris can be drawn in. Debris left in the pool creates water chemistry issues and an unhealthy swimming environment.

The Dangers of a Low Water Level

When your water level is too low, the skimmer takes in too much air. This causes problems with your pool system and will eventually cause the pump motor to burn out- a high price to pay for a simple mistake.

Maintaining the Right Levels

It’s important to monitor your pool’s water level during times of heavy rain, hot spells when evaporation occurs, and during times of high swimmer load. Lots of swimmers means lots of splashing, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your water level drops. Ironically, it’s also during these times that your pool’s circulation needs to be at its best because water chemistry issues are more common in these conditions.

Topping off your pool manually can take time and keeping up with it can be a hassle. The A&A Quik Water Leveler is a low-cost addition that can be easily installed into your pool to automatically maintain the proper water level so no longer have to worry about it. It drains and fills your pool as needed so you go out of town during heat waves or heavy storms and never have to worry about your backyard flooding or your pump burning out from low water. It also mounts flush with your pool deck so that you never even know it’s there. We recommend it for any pool owners who have a busy schedule and do not want the worry or the hassle of water level maintenance. Call us today for more information or to schedule an installation.

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