Popular Dallas Pool Remodeling Ideas

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Popular Dallas Pool Remodeling Ideas

Dallas pool remodeling can be a very involved yet rewarding process. Remodeling your home can add thousands to the value as well as making your home feel like an entirely new place, and the same can be said for your pool. Have you had your swimming pool for many years? Is the interior surface showing wear or the tile and coping materials out of date? Perhaps the size, style, or features no longer suit your lifestyle or personal taste. Are you interested in learning how to transform your backyard pool into a great space that friends and family will enjoy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will benefit from these popular Dallas pool remodeling ideas.

Pool Decking, Tile and Coping Replacement

Some of the most commonly remodeled elements of swimming pools is the pool deck, coping, and waterline tile. Over the years, your pool deck could become cracked or sunken, and tile and coping can chip, crack and even fall off. When this happens, it takes away from the beauty of your pool and also presents dangerous safety hazards. Broken tile and coping are often sources of water leaks, and let’s face it, nothing says “old pool” like dated tile from the 1980’s.
Fresh new tile, coping, and decking is perhaps the most powerful face-lift for an aging pool. These elements are what largely define the style of a pool, and can dramatically improve the look and feel. Decking options such as paving stones or slate can effortlessly elevate your pool to a new level of class and elegance, while popular spray decking is a clean look that offers increased traction for safety as well as being cooler to the touch than many other materials.

Dallas swimming pool remodel
In this remodel, the pool got a full overhaul with new surface, coping, decking, water features, and equipment..

Updating Interior Surface, Lighting, and Fixtures

Cracked plaster presents the most significant danger of pool leaks, which put all nearby structures, including your home, at risk. Not to mention that the old standby white or even pale blue plaster can be a huge giveaway as to a pools age. There is an exciting new world of pool surfaces available today that can absolutely revolutionize the look of your pool. Imagine choosing from literally dozens of colors in materials ranging from traditional plaster to quartz aggregate and even pebble-based products with shimmery bits of abalone mixed in! Opt for a deep grey or dark blue for a dramatic, black-bottom effect, or choose a cool aqua that creates a shimmery turquoise like the waters of the Mediterranean. Whichever you choose, prepare to be wowed by the results!
Don’t forget while you are resurfacing your pool to remove or replace rusty or rickety handrails and ladders as well as weak or ineffective pool lighting. New energy-efficient, color changing LED lighting adds changeable ambiance to the pool and spa as well as increasing safety and extending pool use into the evening hours.

Dallas swimming pool remodel
© Riverbend Sandler Pools

Pool Resizing and Reshaping

Perhaps your pool just doesn’t meet your family’s needs at all. Then why not consider a complete overhaul? This could include changing the size and shape of your pool, adding a beautiful rock waterfall complete with a fun slide, or even building a spa for endless hours of relaxation. The great thing about remodeling is that you get to decide what you do and do not like. This is an especially good idea for homeowners that have purchased a home that already has a swimming pool. Remodeling the swimming pool will allow you to add your own personal touch to your home, and to have a pool that your family enjoys for years and years to come

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