Build Your Ultimate Outdoor Sound System with These 9 Tips

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Set the Mood With Outdoor Sound Systems

Integrating sound into your outdoor entertainment experience is an exciting trend that everyone can enjoy. Whether you have a small patio or multiple outdoor living area zones, you can enjoy outdoor sound options to suit your particular lifestyle.

The following are some ideas to help you in your outdoor sound projects:

Stone Fireplace and Outdoor Living Area by Riverbend Sandler
Stone Fireplace and Outdoor Living Area by Riverbend Sandler

Party Preparation

When entertaining guests poolside, consider the placement of outdoor speakers for optimal sound. Wireless speakers can work great in these situations when positioned and angled properly.


Don’t let ugly speakers detract from your outdoor space. Utilize large planters or ceramic rocks to conceal your outdoor speakers. Position the speakers carefully so that they are hidden from view without muffling the sound.


Choose a high quality receiver that can support around ten speakers. With this type of flexibility you have the option to adjust and change depending on your particular taste.


Many outdoor speakers are specifically designed to withstand the elements. When looking for pool area speakers, be sure to find well protected equipment that will resist water damage at the connectors, the wiring and the power receptacles.

Paths and Walkways

Consider utilizing wired speakers for your paths in order to keep the sound quality high and avoid interference or distance issues.  A subtle speaker that brings soft music to your garden walkway can be a very pleasant experience.

Sports Events

From backyard volleyball to watching the game with friends on the patio, incorporating sound into your sporting event or backyard tailgate party can really liven up your atmosphere and get the action moving. Connect your sound system to your outdoor tv for a full, surround sound experience no matter when in your yard your guests are.

Outdoor sound system
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Birthdays or Special Events

Children love to have music as part of playtime, so outdoor sound systems can really get kids excited at their parties.  For special events that require a bit of style or flare, consider having outdoor sound to set the perfect mood for a garden party or outdoor wedding event.


It is hard to beat some soft music as you soak in the hot tub or sit by the pool.  Enjoy your own special mix of outdoor music with a receiver that is compatible with your iPod or MP3 player.  Or create your own mix and plug it in to enjoy some quiet time just for you.

It is best to work with professionals who understand outdoor sound and the proper placement for the best sound. Visit our page for more related articles.

Try a New Summer Party Mix!

To get your next poolside event off to a hopping start, we’re sharing one of our favorite summer playlists from that features some of the best 90’s tunes. (And let’s face it- just some of the best tunes ever.) Check it out here or build and share your own!

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