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Swimming Pool Ownership Myths Busted

Swimming pools are a ton of fun, especially in the year-round Texas heat, which has many considering building their own custom pools in Dallas. Unfortunately, those myths about owning a pool might have you second-guessing your decision. That backyard paradise does not seem so appealing when it is tugging the bad rap of a hundred misconceptions. Thankfully, the common myths that are associated with owning a pool are not true. Most people who have had a negative experience with their own pool either had a pool that was not built properly, were given poor maintenance and managing advice, invested in bad equipment or simply did not follow the instructions that they were given by pool professionals. Owning a pool is well worth the time, energy and funds invested—here are the myths of swimming pool ownership busted.

Myth 1: An In-Ground Pool Is Unaffordable

Though it is true that building a custom in-ground pool is not a cheap endeavor, there are a multitude of options to fit a wide range of budgets. This is a true investment that will improve both the value of your home and your quality of life. The cost of a pool varies on its size, what custom features you install, the materials and technology used as well as any other outdoor features that you include in your package. Some lenders offer financing for swimming pools to make your dream easily obtainable.

Myth 2: Swimming Pools Are Expensive to Operate

In the old days, pools and spas operated on small, single pumps that used a lot of energy to produce a little bit of work. While that is an expensive way to manage a pool, modern pools are much more energy efficient. Many come equipped with technology that will allow you to manage the filtration system, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

Myth 3: Maintaining a Pool Is Difficult

You may know a friend or relative who used to own a pool, but is now the proud owner of a custom green swamp in their backyard. Their reasoning? Keeping that pool up was just too hard. This is a myth. Caring for a swimming pool is easier than maintaining your lawn. Some owners opt to hire professionals to clean and maintain their pool, but it is a task that can be easily accomplished yourself as well.

Myth 4: No One Will Use the Pool

The overwhelming majority of people who own a pool are extremely satisfied with it and use it all the time, especially in Texas where the weather is warm year around. It provides kid friendly fun and a great place to entertain guests. There are so many opportunities to use a swimming pool, so do not let this myth fool you.

Build Your Custom Pool

Are you convinced yet? You should be—owning a custom pool will open the door to an abundance of enjoyment that you have never experienced before. The winter months are the best time of the year to build a custom pool or spa in Dallas, so get started on yours today. For more information, visit our pools page or contact a representative with Riverbend Sandler Pools today.


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