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The Best Time to Build a Swimming Pool in Texas

Building an inground pool? It’s important to consider all the factors. After all, this is going to be a great investment in your home’s value and so it requires some smart planning.

You’ll need to decide whether you want a formal pool, geometric pool, or natural swimming pool, and where it will best fit in your outdoor space.

Another key question is when you should build it. While most people don’t think about it, winter can actually be the best time to build a swimming pool in the Texas area.

Let’s explore why.

Love Your Backyard in the Fall


3 Reasons Why You Should Build a Pool in Winter

1. Benefit from better availability

Scheduling is one of the reasons winter can be the best time to build your Texas swimming pool. Many people tend to think about getting a new inground pool when the temperatures warm up in spring and early summer, but this is the time you want the pool ready for – not when you want to start building it!

It also might be more of a headache to get booked in during the spring and summer months too. Texas pool builders, including in Dallas, Plano, and surrounding areas, fill their schedules fast as spring approaches, leaving little room for additional inground pool builds.

However, in the winter months, fewer people are looking for new swimming pool construction, so it’s a great time to get full access to a pool builder’s schedule. This gives you greater flexibility and efficiency, not to mention that it’s much less hassle.

To find out more about Texas inground pool building in winter, just contact your local team at Riverbend Sandler to check our availability.

2. Enjoy a full Texas swim season

Following on from the previous point, perhaps the most important reason that winter is the best time to build an inground pool is that it will be ready just in time for the swimming season to begin in the spring. This means you can enjoy your brand new pool throughout all of spring and summer, making those valuable memories with friends and family.

3. Give the yard time to grow

Complementing your pool with custom landscaping? Plants, bushes, and flowers need time to establish and bloom, so starting the pool installation process in winter can give them that valuable time they need to come to full fruition for the warm months. This is perfect because it means that every inch of your new outdoor area, pool, and surroundings, will all be ready to use when you really want it.

And if you already have existing landscaping, pool building can sometimes disturb this due to the construction work. By restricting this disruption to the winter months, you’re giving your greenery precious months to fully recover, ensuring that everything is perfect for swim season.


Contact the Dallas and Plano inground pool experts at Riverbend Sandler today to learn more about how you can get the backyard of your dreams. We’re dedicated to superior customer service, the highest quality Dallas swimming pool construction, and outstanding inground pool designs and options that fit your lifestyle. Give us a call to chat with our award-winning team today.

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