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The Joys of Owning a Pool in the Fall

Take a peek outside your window and you’ll certainly see that fall is finally here. The leaves are turning from green to rich red and golden hues, the winds have kicked it up a notch, and the air is crisp and refreshing.

While you may not think about swimming in your pool during these cooler autumn months, your pool can still bring a load of fun and enjoyment this season. Here are some of the reasons why we love owning a pool in fall:


A Reason to Get out and Play

With the temperatures taking a dip, it’s not uncommon for a lot of us to spend more time indoors than out. If you have a pool in the backyard, however, you have an excellent excuse to venture outside to swim, play or go for a float on a warm autumn afternoon.

Having a pool heater is a great way to extend your swim season and get some much-needed exercise during the fall and winter. Look into your heating options like electric, gas and solar heat if you’d like to use your pool all year ’round.


An Excuse to Fire up the Grill

Is there any greater joy than enjoying food that has been cooked to perfection as you sit in the warmth of fall’s golden sunset?

You probably don’t need an excuse to strike up the barbecue, but if you needed a reason, fall is the ideal time to cook outside. You won’t be sweltering under a hot summer sun as you cook, and you’ll be able to take in the relaxing sounds of nature since your neighbors have likely packed up and moved indoors for the season.


A Natural Focal Point

Our eyes are naturally drawn to bodies of water, including your swimming pool. If you have water features, fire features, and other gorgeous landscaping surrounding your poolscape, then it will continue to serve as a focal point in your backyard regardless of the season.

Owning a pool in fall also means that you can dress up, or dress down, your pool for the upcoming holidays. Hay bales, scarecrows and pumpkins (both inside and outside of the pool) all make for fantastic outdoor fall decor surrounding your poolscape.


Interested in Owning a Pool in Fall? Now’s the Best Time to Get One!

Building and owning a pool in fall means being able to take advantage of a number of incredible benefits, like:

  • Access to the best pool builders (pool builders are less busy during the fall)
  • Reduced rates and better discounts
  • Several months to plan and properly landscape your property

Interested in building a new pool? Give Riverbend Sandler a call at (972) 596-7393! Our award-winning Dallas and Frisco pool builders will gladly provide you with a free quote for your dream poolscape today.



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