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The Surprising Health Benefits of Regular Swimming

Swimming is generally considered to be some of the best exercise you can possibly get. Not only does it provide a great aerobic workout, but it can be undertaken by people of all ages to keep you fit, strong and functioning at your best. You don’t need any special equipment—just a body of water and yourself. There are, however, a number of benefits to swimming you may not know. Read about some of the most surprising health benefits of regular swimming, courtesy of your custom pool builders in Dallas, Texas.

Health Benefits of Regular Swimming

There are so many health benefits of regular swimming—entire books can be (and have been) written on the topic. It improves your stamina and endurance, it builds muscle definition and strength, and it burns an astounding amount of calories. These are just some of the most obvious benefits that come from regular routines in the pool.

Lower Stress and Depression

Did you know that the endorphin release that you get from swimming can have a distinct and measurable effect on stress and depression? In many ways, swimming carries a similar relaxation and stress-relief response as yoga. It constantly stretches your muscles, and adds rhythmic and deep breathing into the equation. It’s a great natural means of meditation which helps to reduce the symptoms of stress and depression as well as reversing stress-related damage to the brain!

Improving Asthma

Many people suffer from asthma that’s induced by exercise. Dealing with dry, sweat-polluted gym air or high pollen counts outdoors can be major triggers for the illness. Swimming, however, can actually improve asthma symptoms as well as build your lung strength and endurance.

Reducing Inflammation

The movement of the water over your joints can actually reduce inflammation throughout your entire body. This can help to improve everything from joint disorders like arthritis to heart-related problems like atherosclerosis.

Building Bone Mass

Recent research shows that regular swimming routines increase your bone mass. This can help to offset degenerative conditions like osteoporosis as you get older.

Immune System Boost

Did you know that all of the above together can combine to boost your immune system? As you engage in regular routines of swimming, your muscles improve, tone and grow stronger. You gain a greater range of movement and flexibility, and your lung strength improves while your stress levels decrease. Inflammation throughout your body also decreases. All of this ultimately has a result of boosting your overall immune system. That’s right—regular swimming makes you less susceptible to getting sick!

Getting Smarter

A recent study demonstrated that of two groups of kids—one who took swimming lessons and another who didn’t—had marked intelligence increases based on the level of swimming they undertook. Those kids who swam regularly had better motor skills, confidence, language skills and other mental abilities!

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