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Top 7 Texas Heat Tips for You and Your Pool

As every Texan will know only too well, the summer sun can be pretty intense. 

With months of clear skies, scorching sun, and temperatures that frequently hit high figures, it’s essential that you and your loved ones stay safe during the summer season.

If you own a backyard pool, it’s likely that the summer is when you’ll get the most use out of it. Whether you’re hosting pool parties, splashing around with your kids, or just taking a relaxing dip, it’s vital that you practice good pool safety.

With this in mind, the team here at Riverbend Sandler Pools has put together the top 7 heat tips for you and your pool this summer.

1. Stay hydrated

Undoubtedly the most important piece of advice you should heed during the summer is to stay hydrated – none of the other tips in this list will work if you’re dehydrated. During the higher temperatures, it can be incredibly dangerous to not drink enough water as heat exhaustion and heat stroke are much more likely.

Remember to drink water regularly throughout the day, and if you have children, make sure they are drinking plenty too. This is the best way to stay safe while enjoying the sun.

2. Spend time in the shade

Keeping your body cool is vital when the weather is hot and the sun is out. While you’re likely to want to spend time outside, especially if you have a pool in your yard, it’s important to remain sensible and limit your exposure to the sun.

If you have sun loungers or seating outside the pool, make sure to move them into the shade now and again to escape the heat. Incorporating a custom arbor or cabana to your backyard provides some much-needed shelter while adding an extra touch of luxury to the outdoor area. Having this kind of access to shade will ensure you don’t overdo it and lower your risk of heat-related illness.

3. Prepare wet towels

Another great way to stop your body from overheating is to utilize wet towels. Place a towel in cold water and once you’ve gotten out of the pool or if you’re feeling hot, wrap it around your neck and shoulders.

As the towel rests against your skin, the water will evaporate, decreasing the towel’s temperature and lowering your body temperature at the same time.

4. Don’t forget sunscreen

Never skip sunscreen when temperatures soar. Not only can you be left with unsightly sunburn that will be extremely painful if you skip the sunblock, but dizziness, dehydration and nausea are just some of the symptoms that can occur if you’re not properly protected.

5. Look after your pets

It’s not just humans that need to be cared for when it’s hot. If you have a pet, then it’s important your furry friends are also looked after.

If animals overheat, it can be extremely dangerous and sometimes fatal. At your home, make sure your pet has a grassy area to run around in as pavement or asphalt will get extremely hot and can burn your pet’s paws.

Some pets, particularly large dogs, can also enjoy a swim in your pool, but be sure to keep a close eye on them in case they get into trouble, and never leave them unattended.

6. Practice good pool safety

You should always be practicing good pool safety, but it’s paramount when the temperature increases. Each year, an average of 4,000 people drown in the US and this is more likely to happen during the summer when more people make use of their pools. With this in mind, it’s important to be extra vigilant, especially if children or vulnerable people are swimming.

7. Have a first aid kit to hand

It’s common for people to suffer bumps and scrapes when enjoying the sun, both in and out of the pool. Be prepared for any injuries to you or your loved ones by having a fully stocked first aid kit to hand. This is something that every pool owner should have, but it’s even more important during the warm weather.

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