Top Fire Features for Outdoor Living

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Top Fire Features for Outdoor Living in Dallas and Plano

Since the dawning of time, man has been fascinated by fire. Nothing welcomes and gathers guests quite like an outdoor fire. Over the years, fire features have gained popularity and they are steadily becoming some of the most sought-after backyard design elements. However, it is important to understand how fire features work when choosing the right one for your outdoor space.

Fire Pit

One of the most common fire features is the fire pit. The fire pit has come a long way since the days of simply digging a hole and tossing in some dry twigs. The fire pits of today are much more sophisticated; some are even considered works of art. While the basic design remains much the same, most fire pits today are partially sunk into the ground and feature stone or metal retaining walls. Some incorporate build-in seating areas and cooking accessories like a spit and height-adjustable grate for rustic outdoor cooking! If the feel of the traditional fire pit appeals to you but not the upkeep, consider a propane pit. These fire pits look like traditional pits but are much like gas log fires. They’re fed by a propane tank through a metal line that is buried under the ground. This is a clean alternative to traditional wood burning pits, but you lose the rustic fireside smell that so many of us love!

plano outdoor fireplace dallas texas
Stone Fireplace and Outdoor Living Area by Riverbend Sandler

Outdoor Fireplace

Another fire feature to consider is an outdoor fireplace. A great addition to any outdoor
living space, the outdoor fireplace offers multiple options. One of our favorites is the idea of combining of a charcoal grill and the fireplace. Built from natural stone or brick, this amazing feature offers both beauty and value. Sit back and enjoy a night by the fire or turn on the grill and get ready to feed the whole family. Built into one seamless unit, this is a great centerpiece for your backyard. The outdoor fireplace also allows you to use your outdoor living areas year round, especially when built into a covered patio or lenai.

Fire Bowls

Fire bowls combine fire and water elements to create a truly unique and exotic features around your pool area. Whether using one fire bowl as a focal point above a water fall or placing smaller fire bowls at each corner of the pool, the light flickering across the pool water at night is absolutely magical.

fire bowls custom pool features Dallas
We added these fire bowls as an accent to a custom water feature on this beautiful Dallas pool design.

Whatever your style or budget, there’s a fire feature out there that will work perfectly. If you’re not sure of which option is best for you, ask one of our backyard design experts!

We work with Dallas and Plano area homeowners to make your backyard dreams a reality. Check out our Custom Pool Features gallery for more inspiration!

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