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Why Hire a CPO Certified Pool Technician?

Make sure your dream pool doesn’t turn into a nightmare by hiring CPO certified pool technicians to test, maintain, and diagnose your pool.

In this article, we’ll tell you who CPO are, what areas CPO technicians are skilled in, and why you’ll benefit from hiring a pool company who employs them.

Who are Certified Pool and Spa Operators (CPOs)?

CPO stands for Certified Pool and Spa Operator. They are an international training certification that gives technicians the knowledge and skills to operate, diagnose, and maintain pools.

CPOs have undergone extensive and detailed training from certified instructors, including hours of classroom learning that also cover the Pool & Spa Operator Handbook. The course finishes with the attendee taking an exam to confirm they understand this training.

This CPO certification is therefore a sign of quality, skill and expertise, enabling the operator to take care of both public and private pools.

What areas are CPOs skilled in?

Hiring a company who employs CPOs is one of the best investments you can make for your pool maintenance and upkeep.

CPOs are:

  • Familiar with all laws, regulations and standards that need to be met throughout installation
  • Trained to understand water quality and handling of chemicals, and able to carry out chemical tests
  • Skilled at identifying and managing risk, such as drowning, slips, electrocutions, and more, meaning you can take care of the well-being of pool users
  • Able to diagnose and troubleshoot issues
  • Constantly refreshing their knowledge in all of the above

This gives CPOs the skills to keep any sort of pool safe, healthy, and performing at its best, whether that’s a large community pool, or your own backyard family pool.

Why should you hire a CPO?

Maintaining a pool properly is important for the safety and enjoyment of the people who use it. Therefore, it’s always wise to hire a company who use CPOs for the following reasons:

  • All CPOs go through training and exams to confirm their knowledge and skills
  • Hiring engineers who are not CPO certified could endanger the safety and quality of your pool
  • CPOs remain in compliance with local guidelines
  • CPOs keep your pool sanitary and safe through expert chemical balancing to ensure the health of swimmers
  • Due to their extensive training, CPOs are quicker and more adept at spotting and solving problems with your pool, ensuring that it stays safe and operational

So how do you find a pool company who uses CPOs?

Benefit from CPO technicians at Riverbend Sandler

Here at Riverbend Sandler, we’re award-winning pool experts for the North Texas area. As well as designing and building innovative pools, we also employ fully certified CPOs to carry out our reliable pool maintenance service.

Our maintenance service ensures a safer experience for swimmers, a longer-lasting pool, and better water quality. This makes for a more pleasant experience for your family and friends by making sure you’re getting the very best out of your pool, thanks to the skills of our CPOs.

Take care of your Texas pool today with help from Riverbend Sandler by getting in touch today. As the leading local pool experts, we have numerous accreditations and awards to testify to the high quality of our services and the experience of our experts. This includes CPO certified engineers for your peace of mind.

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