There are many things to give thanks for, and one thing that we here in Dallas should be thankful for is that we live in a gorgeous part of the country where we can often enjoy Thanksgiving in the backyard. Hosting Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family out in the great outdoors is a wonderful  Read More

When you have a Riverbend Sandler backyard, you can’t help but invite friends and family over for a lovely winter soirée. Set up the lights, prepare some hot cocoa, light the outdoor fireplace, and prepare to host the winter party everyone will be talking about. To give you some inspiration, here are some incredible ideas  Read More

Nothing says Christmas in a cup like a mug of gingerbread hot cocoa.  As Erika, the creator of this sumptuous beverage who runs the blog The Hopeless Housewife says, this drink is like “drinking a chocolate gingerbread cookie.” Creamy, chocolatey, and absolutely decadent, this is the perfect drink to warm up with while curled up  Read More

A little fire goes a long way, and incorporating fire pits and fireplaces into your backyard space creates an inviting, and warm, space for family and friends to gather around on crisp autumn evenings. Fire pits and fireplaces are two popular outdoor features often used to create a warm ambiance in your outdoor living area.  Read More

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