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Help & Advice: Pool Design

Riverbend Sandler How to Choose the Right Pool Shape

Swimming pools have been around for hundreds, even thousands of years. It would seem that people have always had an affinity for lounging in or near the water. Perhaps it is our innate desire to be close to a water source, or maybe it has everything to do with the need to unwind. Regardless of… Read More

Riverbend Sandler How to Choose the Best Location for Your New Pool

There are three words that every real estate broker understands and relies on: location, location, location. Similar to real estate, when you begin the process of purchasing your own home pool, it is important that you understand this aspect of swimming pool design. This is a simple concept for some and it is very difficult… Read More

Riverbend Sandler Building a Tropical Lagoon Style Pool

Have you ever noticed the beautiful pools, spas, and lagoons that accompany almost every vacation destination and wanted to have that same look and feel in your own home? Don’t think that this is something that only the rich and famous can have. It is very possible for you to have your own personal, lagoon-style… Read More

Riverbend Sandler 4 Things to Consider When Planning Your Pool Budget

Pools are a great luxury and they are great ways to add value to your home. With this in mind, it is important to understand that swimming pools are not cheap and we are not going to cut corners in the installation of your pool. Doing a top-notch job is our number one goal. With… Read More

Riverbend Sandler Give Your Pool Design Impact with Stunning Water Features

A&A Manufacturing Water Feature Whether you’re designing a new pool or renovating an existing one, water features are always an important element. They add visual interest and aesthetic appeal to your backyard and bring impact to an otherwise simple pool design. While fountains and waterfalls are popular choices, they tend to be more of a… Read More


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